Paula H.

Complaint: Pain & Tension

Service: Chiropractic

When I left your office after my visit, it hit me that this was the first time, in a very long time, that I wasn’t hurting or feeling like everything was in a bind.

Lisa S.

Complaint: Back Pain

Service: Chiropractic

I first met Dr. Schueler when I worked as a hospital nurse. My back was out to the point @ 20 something I had to call my mother/neighbor to put my hose on me. Shuffling around took forever to go from room to room. There was a huge difference after my first adjustment and a week later I was back at work.

I am grateful for the skills and gifts that God has given to Dr. Schueler as well as his willingness to care and treat his patients!

April 10, 2017
Nancy M.

Desire: Healing relief

Service: Chiropractic, neurolink

Doc is awesome – just walking into the office is a relief!

God bless him and his staff! They truly care and love… and heal!

April 19, 2017
Shirley Y. (90 years old)

Complaint: Eye & leg swelling

Service: Chiropractic, neurolink

No needles needed in my right eye since I started Neurolink. Thank you! I have been doing Neurolink treatments for one year. Also, my left leg had extreme swelling… now completely healed. Amazing!

Blessings in Jesus!

May 3, 2017
Mary F.

Desire: Young Again

Service: neurolink, Nutrition

I feel like I’m getting my 40’s back as I am feeling the best I have in 20 years Thanks to my Neurolink treatments.

Thank you Doc. “You Rock!”

April 27, 2017
Ricky P.

Complaint: Buzzing in ears, stressed out

Service: Chiropractic,neurolink, Nutrition

Been coming to Dr. Schueler for 6 months now. I had terrible buzzing in my ears. Now it is not as bad and I am much calmer and relaxed. Things don’t bother me as much. I have an overall sense of well-being. So so thankful. I am feeling so much better. So Grateful.

Thank you Lord!

April 18, 2017
Sandra T.

Complaint: Chronic pain

Service: Chiropractic, neurolink

Since I have come to your office, and this is my second visit, you have given me such hope that I am on the path to healing. Already I am feeling so much better and so so hopeful. I am grateful. Thank you for being here. You are the best!

April 4, 2017
Ruth M.

Complaint: walking with a limp

Service: neurolink

After my Neurolink treatment I don’t walk like a duck (She had to keep her feet wide apart and waddle). I have been walking that way since I was a child. Grateful to walk but looked like a duck… Now at 77 years old, I am about to get married and my walk has totally changed. I will walk down the aisle like a lady!

April 4, 2017
Hannah. B

desire: hormone balance

Service: neurolink, Nutrition

My daughter’s menstrual cycle was painful and heavy. After her second Neurolink treatment, her cycle is now balanced with less cramping. She is now taking the Fem Balance Supplement

Thank you for all your help, Doc!

July 2, 2017

Complaint: Digestion/immune problems

Service: Nutrition, neurolink (N.I.S.)

I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis 2012. A friend mentioned that chiropractic care would help. Distressed, I then made an appointed. To my delight, after several visits, I recovered from colitis. Five years later, in April 2017, I was troubled with a digestive disorder. Hopeful, I made an appointment with Dr. Schueler. After 5 weeks of adjustments, neurolinks and your nutrients, my diarrhea is now gone.

Thank you Dr. Schueler. You’re my #1 Doctor

April 3, 2017
Pamela T.

Complaint: dry eyes, allergies

Service: Nutrition, neurolink

Dry-eyes and allergies were bad. Now much better after 2 Neurolinks. I have come off 3 medications, anti-depressants and hormone pills (Under her doctor’s Supervision). I have been on them for approximately 15 years or more.

Praise the lord!

July 31, 2017
Elijah R. (10 yrs)

Desire: bones in shape

service: Chiropractic

Dr. Schueler has adjusted and kept my bones in shape since I was a baby. Whenever I have a bone out of shape or it needs adjusting, he fixes it. I am very thankful that he helps me and my family.

August 22, 2017
Maritta B.

Complaint: constipation, abnormal blood pressure, fatigue

service: Nutrition, neurolink

So many differences going on with me. I can have 2 bowel movements­ a day. Never had that happen in my whole life. Went to the MD and the nurses were amazed that my BP is normal! It hasn’t been normal in years and years. I’m not sleepy during the day anymore. Energy so much better. I thank the Lord for you, Doc. I want people to understand what you are doing!

August 23, 2017
Julie M.

Complaint: child’s stomach pain

service: Nutrition, neurolink

Marissa was having a lot of stomach pain. She had experienced a lot of traumatic events this year. Her stomach is doing much better.

Thank you for helping her!

August 17, 2017
Caitlyn N.

Complaint: knee & back pain, Cold feet

Service: Chiropractic, neurolink, Nutrition

I Started coming to Dr. Schueler with the following problems: Cold feet, frequent urination, razorblade pain in my lower legs, and lower back pain. As of today, Doc has corrected all of my knee and back pain. I no longer have calf pain or cold feet.

July 31, 2017
Charity R. (13 yrs)

Complaint: motion sickness

Service: neurolink, Nutrition

Dr. Schueler used Neurolink to get rid of my motion sickness now I never get sick when riding in a vehicle.

Thank you so much, Dr. Schueler.

April 18, 2017
Michael L.

Complaint: tmj, twisted spine

Service: neurolink

In my first Neurolink session you were able to correct a chronic TMJ issue. A long term problem with my lower body being twisted from an accident was also corrected.

Highly Recommended!