Neurolink is a complete system of health care, that utilizes the only 100% accurate diagnostic tool available on the planet – THE BRAIN.  Your brain (not your mind) governs the function of all your body systems, – that is every cell, gland, muscle and tissue in your body. So, it makes sense to go to the “source” with our complaints.  The Neurolink system is about finding out what the brain knows about your complaint and then feeding information back, so your brain can make the correction.

Neurolink approaches health care with a neurophysiological context. It is a system of sequential “checks” that evaluate all the possibilities (going on in your body) that may have translated themselves into symptoms of health.

A more accurate approach to diagnosis

Many health care providers must rely on what you tell them about your complaint to make a diagnosis. What if you forget to tell them everything? What if you don’t remember all your health care history? What if something is overlooked in your x-ray or lab results? With Neurolink, it does not matter. Your brain knows infinitely what your body requires to be completely well, and Neurolink “taps” into that information.

Brain Phenomena:

  • The brain operates the “blueprint that represents your unique, individual ‘normal.’”

  • Operates at 248 mph, controlling 300,000 enzyme functions per minute.

  • Contains 100 billion active neurons, each with some 20,000 connections.

  • Interprets information from 260 million light receptors in the eyes.

  • The brain can store 280,000,000,000,000,000,000 thought processes in our lifetime.

  • Each cell containing DNA represents the smallest “blueprints” of ourselves.

See more with this video or check out our brochure to understand how Neurolink works, what makes it different, and what to expect.

My husband has suffered with Parkinson’s for 9 years. The tremors and shaking in his right arm have caused a lot of pain. The Neurolink treatment has stopped the tremors for the first time since the tremors started years ago. Without the tremors there is pain relief! Praise God!
— Patient T.H. | Blue Ridge, VA


  • Men’s health

  • Migraine & headaches

  • Neurological Injury

  • Skin problems

  • Sleep disorders

  • Sports

  • Viruses/ immunity

  • Women’s health