rejuvenate your body with oxygen

Aerobic exercise fuels the natural process of oxygenation. As we age, our bodies become less effective at delivering oxygen to our cells, increasing the changes of degeneration and disease. LiveO2 allows you to quickly regain oxygen levels associated with youth. Most users report that within weeks they feel younger and achieve tangible benefits!

Oxygen is necessary for all the body’s vital functions. We can survive weeks without food, days without water, but only a few precious minutes without oxygen! The average adult consumes six pounds of oxygen per day. Ninety percent of the energy produced by the body comes from oxygen alone, only 10% comes from food. Anaerobic bacteria, toxins, fungi and viruses all have one thing in common - none can survive in an oxygen-rich environment. Oxygen feeds the body, supports the immune system, destroys toxic substances and promotes new cell growth. Oxygen is our primary source of energy, and is the fuel required by the body for the proper operation of all major systems.