NANO Stress Reduction Therapy




Charity Robertson (9yrs)
Autumn Robertson (8yrs)
Elijah Robertson (6yrs)

30 August 2013
Nano SRT Thank you for all your special attention to help me with my swollen nasal conchea and recurrent styes on my eyes. Since the Nano SRT I have not had anymore problems breathing when I eat chocolate nor anymore styes.

We both had bad allergies in the spring and the fall. It would look like we had been in a bad fight due to the swelling. We were miserable using ice and allergy care etc. Thank you Nano SRT has taken it all away.
C.B. & B.B.

Nano SRT is Non-Invasive
- No Needles
- No Drugs
- No Special Diets

This FDA-cleared biofeedback system measures your body’s response to thousands of common substances that you may be exposed to on a daily basis through food, pets, seasonal, airborne, chemical or environmental substances, etc.

The system provides data that can be used to identify what elements or substances tend to place the greatest amount of stress on your body, the ones that create an abnormal response or over-reaction. These are the stressors that can lead to symptoms such as:

•    Allergies
•    Fatigue
•    Insomnia
•    Respiratory Problems
•    Sinus
•    Skin Irritation
•    Digestive complaints
•    Acid reflux
•     IBS
•     Weight issues
•     Fibromyalgia
•     and MORE!

It is vital to address these disturbances to lead a healthy life.
We do not treat any specific disease or condition. Instead, after determining what substances or elements may be suppressing your immune system, the device works to recalibrate your body’s natural responses toward common stressors thus, no more symptoms.

The biofeedback system uses two main components that have been engineered to accurately assess and balance the body for optimal function.
First, the DCM or Digital Conductance Meter provides the feedback to properly analyze the body’s energy levels. Your body’s baseline energy levels are measured and compared to your body’s energy levels when exposed to various elements.

Specific parameters have been established through research to ascertain normal energy levels during each elements exposure. Any data readings that are outside these parameters can indicate stress to your immune and nervous systems.

The DCM converts all energy signatures of substances stored on the computer into energy waves (like radio waves), then presents these to the body in the form of an energetic frequency and records the body’s electrical impedance to each specific substance back to the computer (similar to a lie-detector test).

Second, a corrective infrared light is used to transfer energy impulses through specific points on the head, hands, spine, and feet. This stimulates the central nervous system and corrects any errors in the body’s responses to stressful elements or substances.

It causes the brain to release endorphins and encephalins, thus calming the body and creating a new positive association with substances the brain previously believed were harmful or threatening.

Remember that an allergy by definition is the body’s inappropriate reaction to an otherwise harmless substance.

In essence, this therapy can be thought of as an anti-virus and de-fragmentation program similar to a computer file. It re-programs the body to better handle stressors, thereby alleviating aggravating symptoms.

We will be one of the first to have the latest generation of neurological stress reducing biofeedback systems in the United States.

The system is fully automated to achieve objective results for greater accuracy in a fraction of the time compared to other systems.

How many visits are needed?

The number of visits required depends on the patient, the extent or severity of their condition and their state of overall health.

Most people require an average of 6-8 visits.

Should a person undergo extreme or abnormal stress, they may be rechecked for nervous system balance. Everyone should monitor their health, if they notice symptoms it may be necessary to be balanced again in the future.

Are there any side effects?

No. Typically, nothing is felt during assessment or therapy. A small percentage of individuals report a slight flushing or congestion for a short time (within an hour or so) after their session. This is a sign of the body detoxifying and should be viewed as a good thing.

The process is safe for all ages, fast, non-invasive, and painless.

The device contains over 140,000 substance frequencies and can identify almost every known substance that could possibly produce a stressful reaction.

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