Charity Robertson (9yrs) - Nano SRT & Allergies
Autumn Robertson (8yrs) – Nano SRT & Allergies
Elijah Robertson (6yrs) – Nano SRT & Allergies
Carrie Greer – Ceratic Arthritis
Belinda Katon – Zen Pro & Chiropractic Care

Linda Straughn I – Neck Pain & Vertigo
Linda Straughn II – Knee Pain
Louise Jones – TMJ
Jacquie Elliott – Ion Cleanse Part 1
Jacquie Elliott – Ion Cleanse Part 2
Mary Kay Knox – HBOT
Rachel Suhr – Asthma
Jim Wertz – Knee Problems / Pain
James Bumgarner – Hip Problems / Pain
Barbara Bower – Hip & Leg Pain: Neurolink Therapy
Jewell Marshall – Overall Wellbeing
Adriel Lemire – Elbow Pain: Adjustment, Percussion & Laser Therapies


19 Nov 2014
Chiropractic/Massage Therapies

I am thanking God for you and your entire team! When my treatments began, I had suffered for years with left shoulder pain that hindered sleep and interfered with daily activities. I was told that I would need to live with this arthritis pain. God has used your guidance and treatments as well as Brenda’s massage therapy to heal my body. I now enjoy restful sleep and enjoy daily life to the full!
Patient D.P.

31 Mar 2014
Therapies – Neurolink
My husband has suffered with Parkinson’s for 9 years. The tremors and shaking in his right arm have caused a lot of pain. The Neurolink treatment has stopped the tremors for the first time since the tremors started years ago. Without the tremors there is pain relief! Praise God!
Patient T.H.

10 Jan 2014
I came to Dr. Schueler in 2009 with 10 years of chronic pain, upset stomach issues, insomnia and a Fibromyalgia diagnosis. With his Holy Spirit led discernment, knowledge and treatments of NANO SRT, SP Cleanse, Chiropractic, Ion Cleanse, Nutrition, Muscle Testing and Neurolink, I am completely pain free and have removed the toxins and heavy metals from my body, which contributed to the pain, among other things. I have gained 20 years on my life compared to how debilitating my life and body felt four years ago.
Patient MS

16 Dec 2013
Supplements – Resvero Active & Tumero Active
I have had a hard time sleeping because of my hands falling asleep so badly I could not move them. After taking the supplements for a couple of days, I am sleeping 5-6 hours with almost no tingling.  Yay! So happy with this.
Patient GRB

December 2013
2013 has been memorable for me. I have been helped by genuine emotional and spiritual support; cranial and cervical help; and advice on testing and supplements. Great Staff!
Patient DP

20 November 2013
It was here at RVC that I learned that the new enhanced light bulbs could cause health problems. I was having a lot of problems with my histamines so I went back to incandescent light bulbs in my bedroom. Things were better, so I changed most of the whole house back to incandescent light bulbs and all my runny, itchy nose problems cleared up!

13 November 2013
Thank you so much for all you do. Since you adjusted my jaw, I have not had even the slightest case of vertigo! After dealing with some level of it on almost a daily basis, being free of it is AMAZING! God bless you!

18 September 2013
Since doing Neurolink, I have had a major change with hormonal imbalances and a generally calmer feeling in my body. Thanks.
Grateful Patient

30 August 2013
Neurolink is awesome! It has not only helped my day-to-day functions but after traveling it makes me feel 100%! After seeing Dr. Schueler and having Neurolink applied, within hours I feel great. Whenever I feel blah, it figures out if its  bacteria, fungus or viral. Two words: ITS GREAT!

Nano SRT
Thank you for all your special attention to help me with my swollen nasal conchea and recurrent styes on my eyes. Since the Nano SRT I have not had anymore problems breathing when I eat chocolate nor anymore styes.

We both had bad allergies in the spring and the fall. It would look like we had been in a bad fight due to the swelling. We were miserable using ice and allergy care etc. Thank you Nano SRT has taken it all away.
C.B. & B.B.

 8 July 2013
After the 1st Neurolink Session, I experienced the following relief
-         no afternoon slump
-         sight is clearer and colors more vivid
-         brain is clearer
-         did not need antacids i.e no Acid Reflux

10 July 2013   
After Neurolink, my arms and hands aren’t going numb when I sleep. My acid reflux is gone. Don’t tell my wife, but she was right!!

My chronic headaches have gone since having chiropractic adjustments.

Blood Nutrition & NRT
By following the Blood Nutrition program and Nutrition Response Therapy (NRT), I have lost 15lbs.

17 July 2013
Blood Nutrition & NRT
Patient lost 18lbs and thyroid is normal after following the Blood Nutrition Program for 2 months

Dear Dr. Schueler & Staff,

 I want to thank you for your efforts and the results that you are achieving for me and all my many problems.  As you recall, when I first arrived at your office I had neck problems as well as mid and lower back problems so bad that my speech was affected. I slurred my words and sometimes had trouble forming thoughts and words. My improvement in just a few visits has been nothing short of a miracle. I am walking better and the pain level is much less than before your treatments.  Thanks, I feel like you are saving my life. God bless you and your entire great staff.” -Marilyn.

*Here’s why we go the extra mile with advanced equipment and training not readily available in the area… 
I started belly dancing when I was 67 years old, now, at 85, I’ve seen five Medical Doctors and no one in Richmond could help me. My husband began researching alternatives to surgery and found Frequency Specific Microcurrent. I felt better after 1 session and by the 6th treatment I was walking without a limp and no pain. I’m back to belly dancing and am so glad I was able to avoid surgery.” – Mary
*This patient drove 3 1/2 hours to find a frequency specific microcurrent practitioner after reading about it in Dr. Rowen’s alternative newsletter. Persistence pays!*


“Last December (2006) I injured my knee-tripped it and twisted it somehow, I couldn’t bend my knee without significant painSince it was such a simple injury I thought it would get better in time, if I was careful. It did not get better. I had much trouble navigating the two flights of stairs in our home and had to take one step at a time. Nights were awful. I couldn’t sleep on either side and had to sleep on my back in order to get any rest at all (I kept waking up with dry mouth, snoring, etc.)  I decided to go to my Doctor, a GP. She sent me on for an MRI and within a few days I had a report: a complex tear of the medial meniscus. She made an appointment for me with an orthopedic surgeon of my choice- a well respected doctor who had operated on family members and friends with much success.  I had to wait 6 weeks for an appointment while I limped around in pain with little sleep!  My appointment was very disappointing. He told me that I had too much arthritis to do any kind of arthroscopic surgery and I would need a knee replacement. He gave me a Cortisone shot which lasted a day or so.  Since Dr. Schueler had helped me when I had a problem of a different type with my other knee three years previously, I thought I didn’t have anything to lose by seeing what he could do for me. I made an appointment and had almost immediate relief from most of the pain. He adjusted my back and knee and used the Microcurrent on my knee.  I could bend my knee, navigate the stairs without trouble and within a few days I was able to get a restful night’s sleep again!  I am not completely pain free, yet there is absolutely no comparison to the pain I had before.  I can live with this.  I’m not ready for replacement parts yet.  Thank you Dr. Schueler!” – Judy  

“I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. I was exhausted and had constant, severe pain every day. After coming to Dr. Schueler my overall well being has improved dramatically.” – Delphia (office manager)   

“When I first started coming to Dr. Schueler, I had been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and had so much pain in my legs and back that I could hardly walk.  With Dr. Schueler’s care and the use of several therapies, my condition gradually improved and I have regained a significant portion of my previous capabilities.” – Lana   

My name is Heather and I am 18. I have struggled with allergies since I was very young.  I had also been on an allergy medicine, every day for the past 7 years. About 2 months ago, Dr. Schueler told me about a program called ASERT. It tests you to see which allergies are in your body and then treat those specific ones. When I had the two treatments, I thought all the things they did were a little crazy. I waited about two weeks for my body to get clear of all the toxins and then I decided to try one day without my allergy medication to see if the ASERT had worked.  It was wonderful. My nose didn’t run, my eyes weren’t itchy and dry and I haven’t been drowsy (one of the side effects of allergy medication). It has been over a month and I am still not taking medication. Thank you so much Dr. Schueler for caring about your patients.” –Heather    

*Heather returned from nursing college four years later and told us that the treatment lasted 3 1/2 years. Follow up ASERT treatments can always be redone for a “booster’.  (Dr.Schueler never recommends his patients to stop medication without their M.D.’s consent.)


“Dr. Schueler and staff: I just wanted to thank you for all you’ve done for me in helping me get well. You have done more in a month’s time than all the doctors I have been going to for the past 2 years or more. Your prayers and medical technique have meant a great deal to my life. Thank you all so very much.” -Betty (retired nurse)


“Dear Dr. Schueler, After my last treatment you didn’t tell me when to return-so I guessed you figured out I didn’t need any further treatments- and you were right!  I am doing quite well & thank the Lord for the healing power that He has given you. I can’t imagine a more rewarding occupation than yours in knowing that you have been instrumental in eliminating pain & giving back to folks the ability to go on living normal lives, and at age 83 I want to feel normalI pray God’s riches blessing for you.” -Dorothy (retired missionary)

“I visited a chiropractor months before coming to Dr. Mark Schueler.  This first chiropractor stated to me “You are incorrectable”.  After my first initial treatment with Dr. Schueler there was a great reduction of pain in my back.  After the third treatment my work capability and physical endurance greatly increased with even less pain.  After the fifth treatment my posture has improved and my walking is less difficult.  The pain is now at a minimum level.  I look forward with hope to more accomplishments with the upcoming treatments.  I thank Dr. Schueler for his faith in God and use of modern technology in doing what another chiropractor said could not be done.” – Marc


“To whom it may concern: I write to express my deepest appreciation for the healing care God has brought to me through the hands and mind of Dr. Mark Schueler. In the three years before Dr. Schueler began treating me, I withstood eight major stress events. Included among my medical problems were two cases of bronchitis, two cases of pneumonia and a case of shingles. I am the sole entrepreneur of a clothing and makeup business, so I had to ‘push on’ even when I was near exhaustion. Many of my friends thought that I was depressed. I have been under Dr. Schueler’s care since October 2000. Initially, I came to him for nutritional advice, but I was so impressed with his gift of healing, that I also decided to take chiropractic treatments as well. Dr. Schueler started me on a regimen of diet modification, nutritional supplements, chiropractic care and deep muscle massage. (The massage is provided in his office by a certified massage therapist)… I already feel like a new person, healthier and more energetic than I have been in years. Besides being a health practitioner, Dr. Schueler is a kind, compassionate person. If you are agreeable, Dr. Schueler will pray for you regarding your health condition, because he realizes that he is merely Christ’s instrument for healing. Words cannot express how much I treasure the healing Dr. Schueler has brought into my life.” -Caroline

*Many times depression is just a side effect of Hypothalamic-pituitary- adrenal dysfunction. A simple Adrenal Stress Index lab can put a patient on the first phase of recovery.


“Dear Dr. Schueler,

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for my restored health. I have been in constant pain for over 5 years and have been to every doctor that I thought could help me.  After one session, I knew that I had found the right doctor. After just four weeks, I am almost pain free. I have resumed walking, exercising, and even jumping on the trampoline with my grandchildren. I have been able to sleep the night through and therefore, have more energy throughout the day. I will never be able to thank you enough.” -Elaine


“I came here in such pain and within a couple of days I was feeling so much better.  This place is awesome!  Everybody here is so great.  I would never go anywhere else. YOU GUYS ROCK!!!” - Wynn


“When I came to Dr. Schueler, I was having pain in my shoulder and back.  Dr. Schueler and his staff are fabulous!  My son is getting treated for attention deficit and Dr. Schueler and the staff have taken so much time and care to get him him well.  I don’t know what I would do without their concern and passionate care.  My two kids and myself are our way to being truly healthy!” – D 


“When Autumn was three months old she started showing signs of “baby acne”.  That is what we thought it was and didn’t think anymore about it until it got so severe that her cheeks were bright red.  The redness would not go away.  It was hot to the touch and she cried every time something touched it.  We discussed her symptoms with Dr. Schueler and he suggested it was a type of food allergy.  He suggested with test Autumn via ASERT to find out what she is allergic to and treat her.  I was happy to do that because I had used the ASERT in the past with much success and I knew it would help Autumn.  After her first treatment we started noticing results.  We saw things we hadn’t noticed before (such as poor digestion and outbreaks immediately after eating).  When we learned which foods she was allergic to and treated her for those foods, her eczema went away and still to this day, three and a half years later, she has yet to have an outbreak of eczema from allegies.” - Autumn’s Mommy


“Dear Dr. Schueler, I just wanted to write and thank you for helping my family with their physical and just for being you. It has been a joy to get to know you and the staff at your office as well…You have ministered to my family and I thank you for that.” -Terry


“Neurolink Treatments have helped me to sleep deeper and longer than I have in years. It also has given me exceptional calmness.
Thank you, Dr. Mark, for praying along with using Neurolink. Prayer mixed with treatment has produced great results.”


“In August 2012, I began seeing Brenda King, a warm and capable Reflexologist, for relief from my bouts of dizziness and a troublesome chronic sinus condition. After the 3rd treatment, my dizziness condition improved and soon cleared up. For more than a year, I had been troubled with multiple inflammatory sinus flare-ups, resulting in multiple treatments with antibiotics. With medication my sinus condition improved but did not clear up completely. Within 2 months of therapy with Brenda King, my chronic sinus condition was much improved. Now my sinuses are no longer inflamed and I feel much better. I am continuing my Reflexology therapy with Brenda in an effort to cope with other health concerns.
Thank you Dr. Schueler and thank you Brenda”

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