Taking MEDICINE beyond it’s LIMITATIONS…

What is Neurolink?

Neurolink is a complete system of health care, that utilizes the only 100% accurate diagnostic tool available on the planet – THE BRAIN.  Your brain (not your mind) governs the function of all your body systems, – that is every cell, gland, muscle and tissue in your body.  So, it makes sense to go to the “source” with our complaints.  The Neurolink system is about finding out what the brain knows about your complaint and then feeding information back, so your brain can make the correction.

What does Neurolink treat?

The list is infinite, but a few examples are:asthma, sciatica, fibromyalgia, migraines, ADD, hepatitis, allergies, irritable bowel syndrome, tennis elbow…and the list goes on!  Similar to servicing your car, Neurolink runs “checks” (and corrections where needed) on all of your body systems, to restore them to optimum function.  Then the symptoms of pain and ill health can resolve.

How does Neurolink work?

Neurolink, as the name implies, is the linking of brain pathways, similar to electrical circuits in your home.  When the amount of power to a specific circuit exceeds it’s threshold, a fuse will blow.  While power is lost to that particular circuit, the wiring system of your home is still protected.

Similarly our bodies also have maximum tolerances.  The brain will recognize when these thresholds have been exceeded.  When your body “breaks down” – physically, pathologically, chemically or emotionally, you experience symptoms of pain or feeling ill.  This happens because your body has exceeded it’s individual set of tolerances.  Now, there is no activity outside of your template of “normal”.  The brain is no longer in full control, and problems arise.  Power failure in your home won’t be fixed by renewing the fuse!  You must FIRST identify the cause of the overload.  In the same way, Neurolink addresses the root of the cause.

What makes Neurolink different?

  • Neurolink considers underlying factors that will not show on scans or blood tests, allowing the real cause to be addressed.
  • It is the only form of health care available, where the brain recognizes and corrects the complaint.  This provides the most accurate approach to diagnosis.
  • It is non-manipulative, stress and pain-free!
  • From Newborns to the Elderly, those with intellectual and physical abilities can benefit.  Even animals can benefit as well.


31 Mar 2014
My husband has suffered with Parkinson’s for 9 years. The tremors and shaking in his right arm have caused a lot of pain. The Neurolink treatment has stopped the tremors for the first time since the tremors started years ago. Without the tremors there is pain relief! Praise God!
Patient T.H.

10 Jan 2014

I came to Dr. Schueler in 2009 with 10 years of chronic pain, upset stomach issues, insomnia and a Fibromyalgia diagnosis. With his Holy Spirit led discernment, knowledge and treatments of NANO SRT, SP Cleanse, Chiropractic, Ion Cleanse, Nutrition, Muscle Testing and Neurolink, I am completely pain free and have removed the toxins and heavy metals from my body, which contributed to the pain, among other things. I have gained 20 years on my life compared to how debilitating my life and body felt four years ago.
Patient MS

18 September 2013
Since doing Neurolink, I have had a major change with hormonal imbalances and a generally calmer feeling in my body. Thanks.
Grateful Patient

30 August 2013
Neurolink is awesome! It has not only helped my day-to-day functions but after traveling it makes me feel 100%! After seeing Dr. Schueler and having Neurolink applied, within hours I feel great. Whenever I feel blah, it figures out if its  bacteria, fungus or viral. Two words: ITS GREAT!

8 July 2013
After the 1st Neurolink Session, I experienced the following relief
-         no afternoon slump
-         sight is clearer and colors more vivid
-         brain is clearer
-         did not need antacids i.e no Acid Reflux

10 July 2013   
After Neurolink, my arms and hands aren’t going numb when I sleep. My acid reflux is gone. Don’t tell my wife, but she was right!!

Sheryl, April 2013
Neurolink Treatments have helped me to sleep deeper and longer than I have in years. It also has given me exceptional calmness.
Thank you, Dr. Mark, for praying along with using Neurolink. Prayer mixed with treatment has produced great results.

*Disclaimer:  Though Neurolink has been reported to be beneficial for a wide range of conditions, this treatment is not meant as a cure for any condition or disease and no therapeutic outcomes can be guaranteed.