Natural Health Care Center is a facility dedicated to helping individuals and families maintain optimum health. We focus on complete wellness through chiropractic care, massage therapy, nutrition and fitness. Our mission is to guide you to a path of physical, mental and emotional health through natural means, bringing harmony, balance and vitality back into your life.


16 Dec 2013
Supplements – Resvero Active & Tumero Active
I have had a hard time sleeping because of my hands falling asleep so badly I could not move them. After taking the supplements for a couple of days, I am sleeping 5-6 hours with almost no tingling.  Yay! So happy with this.
Patient GRB

December 2013
2013 has been memorable for me. I have been helped by genuine emotional and spiritual support; cranial and cervical help; and advice on testing and supplements. Great Staff!
Patient DP

20 November 2013
Chiropractic/Nutritional It was here at RVC that I learned that the new enhanced light bulbs could cause health problems. I was having a lot of problems with my histamines so I went back to incandescent light bulbs in my bedroom. Things were better, so I changed most of the whole house back to incandescent light bulbs and all my runny, itchy nose problems cleared up! D.P.

10 July 2013   
Blood Nutrition & NRT By following the Blood Nutrition program and Nutrition Response Therapy (NRT), I have lost 15lbs.

17 July 2013
Blood Nutrition & NRT Patient lost 18lbs and thyroid is normal after following the Blood Nutrition Program for 2 months


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